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Healthful Hungarian Cooking

There’s the Goulash, the Paprikash, the strudel—traditionally cheesy, fatty, and even lardy dishes that delight the palate but fail to keep the body healthy. Yet Hungarian cooking no longer has to inflict damage. With some innovative alternatives, more healthful ingredients, and lighter recipes, Magyar cuisine can be every bit as… Read more »

Re-evaluating Your Recipes

There are several things to keep in mind when cooking healthier and it all starts with re-evaluating your recipes. With chefs yelling “pork fat rules” from the mountaintops, how do you make your recipes better for you? Here are some tips to re-evaluate your recipes so they help your body,… Read more »

A Plate Full of Posies

Flowers have been eaten since ancient times, and have medicinal as well as nutritional value. Oriental dishes through the ages have made use of Daylily buds and Chrysanthemums, the Romans used mallow, rose and violets, Italian and Hispanic cultures gave us stuffed squash blossoms and Asian Indians continue to use… Read more »

Stay Healthy This Winter

It’s that time of the year again, the dreaded cold and flu season. Most adults suffer from at least two colds a year, with children catching them twice as often. Since over 80 percent of colds occur between September and March, most people consider themselves lucky if they survive the… Read more »

Treating Colds and Flu Naturally

North Americans spend over $ 3.5 billion dollars every year on over-the-counter cough and cold remedies. Despite this, many people still suffer miserably when cold and flu season hits. It seems an old physician saying still rings true—a cold lasts seven days, but if you treat it, it’ll go away… Read more »