Generic name: Benztropine mesylate.

Cogentin is an anticholinergic and antiparkinsonism agent. It works by slowing the action of the bowel and reducing the amount of stomach acid. 

Quick Facts About Cogentin


Used to treat the symptoms of parkinsonism: musde rigidity, tremors, difficulty with posture and balance.

Cogentin Dosage

Take exactly as prescribed. Is suitable for bedtime.

  • Usual adult dose: orally — 1 to 2 milligrams per day. Can range from 0.5 to 6 milligrams per day. May take 2 to 3 days to notice the effects of Cogentin. Doctor may lower dosage in hot weather.
  • Usual child dose: not generally prescribed for children under 3 years. Follow doctor’s instructions for dosage.
  • Missed dose: take as soon as possible, unless within 2 hours of next dose. In that case, do not take missed dose, go back to regular schedule. Do not double doses.

Cogentin Side Effects

Overdose symptoms:

may include side effects listed, plus coma, convulsions, delirium, difficulty swallowing or breathing, dizziness, flushed and/or dry skin, glaucoma, headache, high blood pressure, high body temperature, inability to sweat, muscle weakness, palpitations, shock, uncoordinated movements. If you suspect an overdose, immediately seek medical attention.

More common side effects: blurred vision, bowel blockage, confusion, constipation, depression, dilated pupils, disorientation, dry mouth, fever, hallucinations, heat stroke, impaired memory, inability to urinate, listlessness, nausea, nervousness, numbness in fingers, painful urination, rapid heartbeat, rash, vomiting.

No known less common or rare Cogentin side effects.


Inform your doctor before combining Cogentin with:

Amantadine (Symmetral), Doxepine (Sinequan), antihistamines such as Benadryl and Tavist, other anticholinergic agents such as Bentyl. Has caused bowel blockage or heat stroke that is dangerous or fatal when taking Cogentin with: antipsychotic medications (Thorazine, Stelazine, Haldol) or tricyclic antidepressants (Elavil, Norpramine, Tofranil). Antacids (Turns, Maalox, Mylanta) may decrease effects of Cogentin; do not take within 1 hour of taking Cogentin.

No known food/other substance interactions. 

Special Cautions

If pregnant or planning to become pregnant, inform gj your doctor immediately. Not known if Cogentin appears in breast milk.

No special precautions apply to seniors.

Not prescribed for children under 3 years.

  • Do not take if sensitive or allergic to this or similar medications, or you have angle-closure glaucoma.
  • May impair your ability to drive a car or operate machinery. Do not take part in any activity that requires alertness.
  • If taking another medication similar to Cogentin, gradually discontinue use when you start taking Cogentin; do not abruptly stop the other medication.
  • Tell your doctor if you experience any noticeable muscle weakness.
  • Should not be given to treat tardive dyskinesia; may worsen condition.
  • Inform your doctor if you have: enlarged prostate or excessively rapid heartbeats.
  • As Cogentin has a drying effect, use with caution if taking with other medications that have a drying effect. May be at risk for anhidrosis (inability to sweat), heat stroke, or death from high fever. This risk may be increased by: chronic illness, alcoholism, central nervous system disease, or heavy manual labor in a hot environment.

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