Answer each of the following questions:

1. My child spends:

a. more than four hours a day watching television.

b. two to four hours a day watching television.

c. less than one hour a day watching television.

2. My child participates in:

a. an annual game of baseball, basketball, volleyball or other sport or activity.

b. more than one sport or activity per year.

c. several sports or activities per year.

3. Our family plans:

a. an outdoor activity, such as hiking, biking, swimming, etc., once a year.

b. an outdoor activity each month.

c. an outdoor activity at least once a week.

4. My children walk to school, the park, or the neighbors:

a. rarely.

b. two or more times a week.

c. every day.

5. A gift my child would enjoy would be:

a. a video game.

b. in-line skates.

c. a bike and in-line skates.

6. Activities I enjoy most with my child are:

a. watching our favorite TV program.

b. taking a walk.

c. taking a long hike or bike ride, shooting baskets or playing catch.

How Did You Do?

For each answer “A,” give yourself one point; for each “B” answer, collect two points; and for each “C” answer, receive three points.

Now total your score. If your total is 6-8, your child is probably not getting enough exercise. If your total is 9 to 14, your child could use additional exercise. If your total is 15 to 18, your child is probably getting enough exercise.


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