Be Safe on the Road With Seat Belts

Many states now have safety belt laws requiring drivers and passengers alike to use safety belts or pay a stiff price. Yet, many people still resist using safety belts in cars and are paying with an even stiffer price — their lives. If you’re still unconvinced that safety belts can mean the difference between life and death in an auto accident, take a moment to consider the following information.

The Excuses

  1.  “I can’t move with those belts on — they’re uncomfortable.”
  2.  “It’s better to be thrown out of the car than be trapped by a safety belt.”
  3.  “I only drive around town; how can I get hurt going 25 mph?”
  4.  “I’m a good driver — I’ve never had an accident.”

The Answers

The fact is, newer safety belt design allows for total freedom of motion while driving. The latching device that secures the belt only goes into effect when the car jolts abruptly, as in an accident.

People who are thrown from cars are 25 times more likely to be killed than if they had been held securely in their seats. Further, in the unlikely event your car catches fire or is submerged, safety     belts can keep you from getting “knocked-out” and greatly improve your chances of escape.

The majority of all car accidents occur within 25 miles of home — and 80% of serious injuries and fatalities occur in cars going 40 mph or slower.

You may be a good driver, but there are situations beyond your control such as weather and road conditions, not to mention other drivers. Drive preventively, and use your safety belt. The life you save may be your own.


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