Do You Want to Quit Smoking?

Ask a confirmed smoker if he or she enjoys smoking. Chances are, the answer will be “yes”. Then ask the same person if he or she would like to quit. You’ll probably get the same answer — yes. Opinion polls show that the overwhelming majority of smokers would like to quit smoking, but don’t yet feel prepared to “kick the habit”.

Fortunately, wanting to quit is the first, and perhaps the most important step to becoming smoke free for life. If you, a friend, or loved one, smokes but would like to stop, consider the following information and see if perhaps you are ready to stop smoking and start living a healthier, longer life.

Your Health

One would think that the health risks of smoking would be enough to motivate anyone to stop, but the fact is, they aren’t. Since most smoking related diseases — emphysema, cancer, heart disease, stroke and numerous other life-threatening conditions — may take years to surface, smokers tend to believe that “it won’t happen to me”. Unfortunately, it can, and very likely will unless you quit while you’re ahead and allow your body to heal itself. The good news is that many of the effects of smoking are reversible with time.

Your Loved Ones

It’s true that you should quit smoking for yourself — not because others are pressuring you to quit. If you feel as if you were “conned” into quitting, it’s more likely that you’ll return to your smoking behavior in the future.

But, the love and concern of those who care for you may prove to be a motivation to quit. Do you want to set a good example for your children? Do you want to grow old with your mate? Do you want to have a vital, healthy life or a slow and debilitating death? Do you want to live to see your children grow up? All of these can be considerations that can help you in your resolve to quit smoking. If you answered “yes” to any of these questions, you may be ready to quit.

Your Peace of Mind

Perhaps the most powerful motivation for quitting smoking is the personal “payoff”. The feeling of accomplishment that comes with freedom from smoking is unlike anything you are apt to ever experience in your life. You’ll gain satisfaction from knowing that you are in control of your health and your life. You’ll look better (smoking contributes to premature skin wrinkles), feel better (more stamina and endurance), and you’ll have the peace of mind that comes from knowing that you are doing the single most important thing you can to improve the quality and quantity of the years ahead of you. You’ll be giving yourself and your loved ones a priceless gift — life.

You’re In Control

No one can tell you how, when, or why to quit smoking. The decision is yours alone. But, when you consider the benefits you can enjoy from a smoke free life, you’re apt to agree with over 33 million ax-smokers — stopping smoking is the best thing you’ll ever do for yourself and your health.

The feeling of accomplishment that comes with freedom from smoking is unlike anything you are ever to experience in your life.

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