10 Day Diet Plan

10 Day Diet Plan – This is not a strict plan, merely tried and tested guidelines that will help you to lose weight. And the closer you follow these guidelines the more weight you should lose. These are general tips that should work for everybody, no matter what kind of body you have.

Here are the tips on how to lose weight in 10 days:10 Day Diet Plan

Cut down on proportion. It makes common sense that the smaller the amount of food you eat, the thinner your waist line will be. This is a fairly gentle way to start for some people, as you do not need to change what you eat straight away, you need only to cut down on how much. It is a fairly simple thing to acheive just by changing the size of plate you use.

Drink less alcohol, smoke less

Very important thing within your 10 Day Diet Plan – You must have heard by know that alcohol and smoking are both bad for your health. If you haven’t done so already, join a support group and quit smoking, people will notice a drastic change in attitude and health. Although excessive alcohol is bad for you, it can be said that a glass of red wine every evening can give your body a good dose of anti-oxidants. Steer clear of sugary cocktails and beer if you want to clear your skin up.

Cut out white flour and refined sugar

These are a big cause of headaches and migraines, and do the body no good. By substituting your regular white flour to wholemeal options you will enrich your body with essential nutrients and keep it much healthier. Also you will enjoy a richer, fuller taste from brown and whole foods.

Up your fruit and vegetable intake

Fresh is better. It is very important to remember that fruit and vegetables are key to health, they are especially important to the immune system and skin condition. By eating more fruit and vegetables you can notice clearer skin and a much ‘fresher’ feeling. Fruits and vegetables also have almost no fat, which will help you to lose weight much faster.

Drink more water, less coffee

Caffeine is one of the biggest problems with society today, people drink much to much of it. Instead it is much better for your body and nutrition in general to include 8 glasses of pure water everyday in order to flush through your systems.


Taking a half hour walk everyday can dramatically change your metabolism (the rate at which your body burns food) and make you feel much more energetic. It is also recommended to get your heart rate up at least once every day, so engaging in some cardiovascular work is important. But find something you enjoy like swimming or tennis that you will want to keep doing.

Sleep more

Getting at least 8 hours sleep a night is essential to keep the body in good health. It is also important to find your body a routine, as it will respond well to going to sleep at the same time every night and waking up in the morning at the same time. You may find yourself (WHEN YOU USE 10 Day Diet Plan ) getting more and more tired if you keep changing your sleeping patterns.

Cut out preservatives and artifical additives

The word ‘artificial’ should say it all, putting these into your body is not natural and cannot do it any good. Working with what nature provides you will help to keep your body in good balance. It is said by many people that if you cannot read or comprehend what is on the ingredients label then don’t buy it. A simpler way to make sure you get nothing artificial is to buy organic produce.

Make sure you have breakfast

Those who eat breakfast are more likely to have a higher metabolism which burns fat faster than those who skip this important meal. The healthier breakfast options are muesli, porridge and bran flakes, all of which can be served with a very healthy topping of yoghurt and fresh fruit.
Plan ahead. By planning your meals you can be sure not to pop out for a takeaway or do a fry-up. For those with little time on their hands this can be a great way of ensuring you get a balanced diet also. Within 10 Day Diet Plan Try writing a list of things to buy which you enjoy cooking and eating, and then work out what meals you can make from them.

Chew more

This may sound like something from a teen movie, but if you take smaller bites and chew on your food a lot more, then your body will not suffer so much from having to digest it all, and you will keep burping to a minimum, which is definitely a much more formal way of eating.

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