Go Organic

Organic food should definitely be considered; it’s health benefits are amazing and it does the world good too. When you choose organic over conventionally grown food, you are opting for a more eco-friendly approach to farming, as well as choosing items with increased nutrients, energy and vitality.basket

There are a huge host of reasons why it would be beneficial for you to choose organic food when you are next at your local supermarket or farmer’s produce stalls:

Higher levels of vitamins and essential minerals in organic food – this is really the BIG reason to buy organic produce; the amount of good-for-you nutrients in these foods is far higher, and of better quality. This will reduce the need for vitamin tablets, as you will be getting them from a natural source, that your body will be much more able to digest.

No poisonous chemicals – fruits and vegetables can have a massive amount of artificial poisons on their skins, which you will no doubt ingest if you don’t peel it. However, there are so many good vitamins and minerals in the skins of some vegetables that removing it would remove the real reason for eating it in the first place!

Organic food is a great way of avoiding genetically modified foods. GM produce has been artificially altered to make it more resistant to pests, and in the process could have created unknown allergens – given that GMO’s have only been on our shelves since the early 1990’s, no-one knows what effect this is having on our long term health.

Animal food products are notoriously packed full of anti-biotics and growth hormones that the animals have been fed and injected with since infancy. So getting organic meat and dairy products is imperative if you want to avoid the harmful after effects that this intensively farmed food can otherwise give you.

Organic food tastes so much better! You can definitely tell the difference between an organic carrot and a non-organic one.

Organic farming supports nature and the environment. Soil erosion, reduced number of wild birds, destruction of hedgerows and the extinction of rare wild animals is the effect of intensive farming.

There’s no telling how much intensively produced food is affecting our health, but with higher rates of cancer, other chronic illnesses, respiratory problems, etc now than ever before, you can be sure that some responsibility lies in the type of food we eat.

If you’ve seen Food Inc or any documentary about intensive farming methods, you’ll realise just how food is produced today. You’ll gain a better understanding of why it is so important to return to a more natural and organic way of farming, and how every supermarket bought item is a demonstration of your choices.

All food used to be organic and local. Since the switch to intensive farming, and food shipped for many thousands of miles, there’s been an increase in ‘Western’ diseases like cancer, heart disease and chronic illnesses. Are the two linked? That’s your decision to make, for you and your family.

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