Healthy Sandwich Recipes

Sandwiches are one of the easiest and tastiet kinds of foods to make. Just take two pieces of bread, butter one, add any filling you like and put them together. Nothing could be easier. But sandwiches can get quite boring if you keep to the same fillings all the time…

For a great tasting sandwich, begin with choosing the right bread. This is the make or break, you need to compliment your fillings by what shape you go for and what texture.


  •  Pitta bread is great if you want to cram a lot of healthy fish and vegetables in without it falling out.
  •  Store-bought pre-sliced wholewheat is great for mum’s on the go.
  •  Homemade chunky seeded is a favorite for a sandwich that will really fill you up and leave you satisfied.
  •  And rolls are often the most efficient in size, and the most moist, so suit a harder filling like cheese or mackerel.

Smoked Mackerel

This goes amazingly with spinach and mini tomatoes on wholemeal. But can also be very nice with cheese, try feta.


Loads of people forget the amazing taste that this can bring to the most boring flavours. This goes really well with all kinds of meat and salad.

Goats Cheese

A little unusual, but is much tastier and more nutritious than your standard, for example, cheddar. Try mixing this with some camembert on a crusty white french stick for something that tastes a little like New York cheesecake.


A great change from lettuce, and very good for you. Full of antioxidants and nutrients that will care much more for your insides than boring lettuce.

Seeds and Nuts

Any kind of seed or chopped nuts will be a great, very healthy addition to any sandwich. Be careful to keep the seeds away from the edges of the sandwich so the do not fall everywhere. Or try mixing them into a sauce.


Instead of plain mayonnaise, try half mayonnaise and half yoghurt. This will be far tastier and better for you. Make sure you use low-fat mayonnaise and low-fat yoghurt, and the less additives they have in the better for you they will be.


A light spreading of this on any salad sandwich will be very tasty indeed. It goes really well with all fillings including vegetables, fish and meats, and it is good for you too. Pesto should be easily bought from a local shop, or you can make it easily yourself with a pestle and mortar.

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