Healthy Snack Recipes

Snacks are so important when you are wanting to eat a healthy diet, as these can completely change your metabolism and therefore the rate at which your body burns fat. Read on to find out more about what kind of snacks are the best kind.

One of the most difficult parts of some diets, is a complete withdrawal of snacking, but it can be very beneficial to eat little and often, as long as you choose healthy snacks.

Most people will think of snacks as chocolate and crisps, and their opinions will not extend beyond that. However there are many other snacks which are far better for you. Here are a few:

 Vegetable sticks
Carrot, celery and cucumber are absolutely great raw and dipped in houmous (regular or flavoured). You could also try vegetable sticks with a drizzle of olive oil. A delicious savoury snack.Delicious chocolate

These are really great, and taste really great dipped in a little honey or by themselves. Any kind of nuts are good for getting in a little healthy fat, and are especially best served without salt.

One of the most healthy things to have when you are hungry is a piece of fruit. This is a cheap snack and incredibly good for you. The best kind of fruit to recommend is an apple, a banana or an orange. Although these pieces of fruit are normal, they are the original and tested – but do try new fruits that are in season, and eat them as fresh as you can for full benefit.

These things are fruit of course, but they are especially high in anti-oxidants which keep the heart healthy. Blueberries and blackberries are especially nutritious.

This can be really good for you, especially if you get one that is additive free. This is better than ice-cream as it has no dairy products, and is also mostly fruit. You could try making your own sorbet, or how about making frozen yogurt which is also very healthy and nutritious.

Oat cereal bar
There are many cereal bars now which are organic, which means you can guarantee that all the products are natural. Oats and dried fruit are great for your digestive system aswell – but be careful to pick one that will taste good too!

Ryvita and salmon
Take some ryvita, spread with a little butter and then a slice of smoked salmon. Perhaps top with a little cream cheese, capers, dill and cucumber.

Dark Chocolate
A few pieces of dark chocolate are really great for you, much better than milk chocolate, as it relies on it’s cacao content, rather than it’s sugar to deliver flavour. Cocoa has a well rounded nutritional profile too – known for it’s healing properties in it’s native cultures.

Frozen Bananas
Simple cut a banana in two, then put a skewer through it. Pop in the freezer and enjoy later that day as a summery snack. Don’t leave it for too long, or the banana will start to go bad!

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