Healthy Vegan Recipes

Eating vegan is one fo the healthiest food options you can make – with countless medical professionals backing the health benefits of a plant based diet, it’s proven to increase weight loss, vanquish chronic health conditions and create an overwhelming feeling of wellbeing.

A vegan diet is not a diet ‘craze’ – it’s been around for many centuries in different countries around the world. It’s not all beans and grains either – there’s a wealth of wonderful and incredibly tasty recipes that you will enjoy eating, as well as being nutritionally balanced to benefit your body and being environmentally responsible.

vegan spinach tortelloni

It’s very important as a vegan to make sure you get a good balance of protein, wholegrains and vegetables. That way you can be sure that you are including a wide variety of vitamins and minerals into your diet. It’s certainly not necessary to include dairy into your diet (no matter what milk companies might claim about calcium), but it’s important to take B12 supplements as a vegan, because that particular nutrient is found only in animal meat.

Nowadays, most supermarkets stock specially created and labelled Vegan produce. It might be a little harder to eat out – though many chefs would be happy to prepare a simple salad to your specification, if you are a little stuck for choice. Restaurants are often very happy to accomodate different dietary requirements, so don’t be too concerned – ring up before and ask what’s on the menu so you are prepared.

If you’re interested in moving towards a more vegan diet, there’s plenty of literature you can read, and many blogs packed full of scrumptious recipes and ideas. Here are a few to get you going:

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