Recipes for Weight Gain

Weight gain can be near impossible for those that try, and too easy for those that don’t. So here are a few common sense ideas on how you can gain weight at a healthy speed, without harming your body’s systems.

Trying to put on weight? Here are a few ideas on what could work for you.

Working out that doing the opposite to a diet that loses weight. If you have been on a diet to lose weight before then you reduced amount of carbohydrate in their diet, therefore adding to the amount of carbohydrate that they eat would be really crucial to putting weight on. Other things are protein and dairy.chocolate_mousse

A good way of going about this is to make sure that in every meal you have one of these weight gaining foods. Again for sandwiches for lunch with the emphasis on the bread, and pasta for dinner.

If you make sure that the emphasis of everything you eat is on the thing that you know causes you to put on weight, then you should be on the right track. Of course this plan may not work if you are unaware of what these foods are.

So here is another idea on how you could gain weight in a healthy way. This is to seriously step up the portion size. Portion size is a way in which many diets are controlled, so why not use this technique to put on weight. Use the logic in reverse. So for example you may normally have half a bowl of soup with one slice of bread for lunch. Start for the first period of time (this can be a day or week for some people) by eating three quarters of a bowl and add an extra half a piece of toast.

You can keep stepping up this amount as often as you feel like it until you feel like you are eating enough that you start to expand around your stomach area, then is definitely the time to take some time eating at the same portion so your body can get used to this amount.

Another very good method to gain weight is snacking. Snacking on foods full of carbohydrate is a really key way to gain weight. Biscuits, raisins and cereal bars are good things to try. Eating them every 2-3 hours is also a possible way for some people to gain weight. Snacking on most diets to lose weight is forbidden or at least very restricted, so snacking is probably a good way to gain weight.

Eating junk food may seem like an obvious way to gain weight but with all the extra salt, bad fats and processed ingredients it doesn’t make it worth it. There are many other symptoms that can be caused by these foods as well, which you may recognise: acne, increased blemishes/pimples, fatigue, headaches, bowel disruptions. Although these may not seem too intrusive, they are certainly not the nicest things to have, and are among the most common daytime bodily problems you could have. These problems are mostly cause to your body working overtime to have to counteract all the salt and processed foods.

Make sure that when you are trying to put on weight that you are instructed to do so very carefully by your doctor, and that he/she gives you instructions on how to do this. I must stress also that you have a strong target as to what weight you should be acheiving. You can find that source on the internet, usually by typing in your age and height, so have these at hand. These systems are usually free, but do check on a few to determine that the sites are correct.

If you are looking for weight gain diets whose nutrition helps in bodybuilding, you can follow the above steps. Also follow the advice of great sports stars and bulk up on ‘good’ carbohydrates and proteins. Make sure that you are consuming enough calories to counter the calories you lose during workouts.