Understanding Your Sex Life after a Heart Attack

A heart attack is a devastating event in most people’s lives. You may wonder if you will have to give up the activities that make life worth living. What about your sex life?

Yes, You Can!

The news is good: Once you recover from your heart attack you should not have to forego sexual activities. After all, sex is no more strenuous than a vigorous walk or climbing a flight of stairs. And doctors agree that a moderate degree of exercise is good for your heart, so your sexual activities may actually be good for you in the long run.

Take It Slow!

Most doctors recommend that you take it easy during the recovery period, abstaining for perhaps the first 30 days. Start out with low-key but enjoyable contacts, such as kisses and caresses. As your health and confidence grow, gradually resume your normal sexual activities.

Talk Things Out!

You may notice changes in your sex drive or response. It’s normal to feel some anxiety about resuming a sex life after illness. And your partner may be worried about your health. Talk about these fears with your partner; sharing feelings and concerns will make you both more relaxed and accepting. Talk to your doctor as well if you have continued concerns or difficulties. Your doctor is accustomed to answering patients’ questions about sex.

Heed Warning Signs!

As with any physical activity, pay attention to your body’s signals. If you experience chest pain, extreme shortness of breath, or irregular heartbeat during sexual activity (or any other activity), stop. You may be trying to do too much too soon. Get your doctor’s advice on how fast and how far to go.

Engaged in sensibly, with moderation and the help and guidance of your doctor and loved ones, sex is good for your heart. In more ways than one.

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