Testicular Self-Examination

Cancer of the testicles is curable if detected early. The testicular self-examination is easy to do and can be life-saving. It should be done at least once a month. The best time to do a testicular exam is during or after a warm bath or shower when the scrotal skin is relaxed. Soapy hands help make your fingers more sensitive.

  • Place your right leg on an elevated surface while standing. (A tub or toilet seat works fine.) Gently roll the surface of the right testicle between your thumb and fingers of both hands. The testicles should feel round and smooth. Feel for any hard lumps or nodules.
  • Look for enlargement of the testicle or any change in its consistency from the last exam. One testicle may be slightly larger than the other; this is normal. A small, firm area near the rear of the testicle is also normal.
  • Repeat the procedure above with the left leg raised and examine the left testicle.

If you find any major differences in the testicles, this does not necessarily mean you have cancer. You should contact your doctor and have a medical examination.

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