Generic name: Betaine.

Cystadane is a homocystine antagonist. It works to decrease elevated homocystine blood and urine levels. 

Quick Facts About Cystadane


Used to treat homocystinuria, a group of three metabolic disorders that cause problems with the lens of the eye, the skeletal structure, and blood clotting, which can cause heart pain or heart attack. Most effective when used in combination with folate and vitamins B2 and B6.

Cystadane Dosage

Shake botde lightly before removing cap. Measure prescribed amount with scoop provided. Mix with 4 to 6 ounces of water until completely dissolved and drink immediately. Always replace the cap tightly after using to protect from moisture. Do not use if powder does not dissolve completely or a colored solution results.

  • Usual adult dose: Carefully measure with scoop provided. 1 level scoopful is equal to 1 gram of Cystadane. Initially — 3 grams twice per day. Doctor will increase dose gradually up to no more than 10 grams twice per day.
  • Usual child dose: for children 3 years and over — follow adult dosing instructions. For children under 3 years — initially, 50 milligrams per pound per day. Doctor will increase dose by 50 milligrams per week.
  • Missed dose: take as soon as possible, unless almost time for next dose. In that case, do not take missed dose; go back to regular schedule. Do not double doses. Inform your doctor of any missed doses; may require monitoring.

Cystadane Side Effects

Overdose symptoms:

none reported; however, if you suspect an overdose, immediately seek medical attention.

No common side effects.

Less common Cystadane side effects: bad odors, choking if powder inhaled, diarrhea, nausea, upset stomach.


No known Cystadane drug interactions.

No known food/other substance interactions. 

Special Cautions

Effects of Cystadane on pregnant women and nursing mothers not known. If pregnant, planning to become pregnant, or breastfeeding, inform your doctor immediately. Potential benefits may outweigh potential risks.

No special precautions apply to seniors.

Follow doctor’s instructions carefully for children.

  • Should not use if allergic or sensitive to Cystadane.

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