Generic name: Felbamate.

Felbatol is an anticonvulsant. It selectively reduces excessive brain stimulation. 

Quick Facts About Felbatol


Used to treat epilepsy and certain types of seizures. Also used to treat Lennox-Gastaut syndrome.

Felbatol Dosage

Take exactly as prescribed. Do not suddenly stop medication, may increase seizures.

  • Usual adult dose: 1,200 milligrams per day divided into smaller doses and taken 3 or 4 times per day, up to 3,600 milligrams per day. Dosage is reduced if taking other epilepsy medications.
  • Usual child dose: for Lennox-Gastaut syndrome in children 2 to 14 years — 15 milligrams per 2.2 pounds of body weight per day divided into 3 or 4 smaller doses, up to 45 milligrams per 2.2 pounds of body weight. Dosage is reduced if taking other epilepsy medications.
  • Missed dose: take as soon as possible, unless almost time for next dose. In that case, do not take missed dose; go back to regular schedule. Do not double doses.

Felbatol Side Effects

Overdose symptoms:

mild stomach upset, unusually fast heartbeat If you suspect an overdose, immediately seek medical attention.

More common side effects: acne, anxiety, constipation, diarrhea, double vision, ear infection, facial swelling, fatigue, headache, inability to fall or stay asleep, indigestion, loss of appetite, menstrual irregularities, nausea, nasal inflammation, rash, upper respiratory infection, urinary tract infection, vomiting, weight decrease. Side effects with Felbatol when taken with other medications: abdominal pain, abnormal stride, abnormal sense of taste, abnormal vision, anxiety, chest pain, constipation, depression, diarrhea, dizziness, double vision, dry mouth, fatigue, fever, headache, inability to fall or stay asleep, indigestion, lack of muscle coordination, loss of appetite, muscle pain, nausea, nervousness, pins and needles, rash, sinus inflammation, sleepiness, sore throat, stupor, tremor, upper respiratory infection, vomiting. Side effects with Felbatol in children who take other medications: abnormal stride, abnormal thinking, abnormally small pupils, constipation, coughing, diarrhea, ear infection, fatigue, fever, headache, hiccups, inability to control urination, inability to fall or stay asleep, indigestion, lack of muscle coordination, loss of appetite, mood changes, nausea, nervousness, pain, rash, red or purple spots on skin, sleepiness, sore throat, taste changes, unstable emotions, upper respiratory infection, upset stomach, vomiting, weight decrease.

No known less common or rare Felbatol side effects.


Inform your doctor before combining Felbatol with:

other epilepsy drugs such as Dilantin, Depakene, and Tegretol.

No known food/other substance interactions. 

Special Cautions

If pregnant or planning to become pregnant, inform your doctor immediately. Appears in breast milk; could affect a nursing infant.

No special precautions apply to seniors.

Follow doctor’s instructions carefully for children.

  • Doctor should closely monitor your reaction when beginning Felbatol therapy.


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