Generic name: Enalapril maleate with hydrochlorothiazide.

Vaseretic is an angiotensin-converting enzyme (ACE) inhibitor and thiazide diuretic combination. It blocks the production of chemicals responsible for constricting blood vessels and helps your body eliminate fluids, thereby lowering blood pressure.

Quick Facts About Vaseretic


Used to treat high blood pressure.

Vaseretic Dosage

Take exactly as prescribed, and on a regular basis for it to be effective. May take several weeks to observe effects. Once symptoms disappear, continue to take.

  • Usual adult dose: once blood pressure has stabilized — 1 or 2 tablets taken once per day. Maximum dose is 2 tablets per day. Doctor should discontinue diuretics before prescribing Vaseretic.
  • Usual child dose: not generally prescribed for children.
  • Missed dose: take as soon as possible, unless almost time for next dose. In that case, do not take missed dose; go back to regular schedule. Do not double doses.

Vaseretic Side Effects

Overdose symptoms:

dehydration, low blood pressure. If you suspect an overdose, immediately seek medical attention.

More common side effects: cough, diarrhea, dizziness, drop in blood pressure upon standing, fatigue, headache, impotence, low potassium levels, muscle cramps, nausea, rash, tingling or pins and needles, weakness.

Less common or rare Vaseretic side effects: abdominal pain; abnormal skin sensations such as numbness, prickling, or burning; back pain; black stools; blood clots in lungs; blurred vision; bronchitis; chest pain; confusion; decrease in sex drive; depression; disturbances in heart rhythm; dry eyes; dry mouth; excessive sweating; fainting; fluid in the lungs; flushing; gas; gout; heart attack; hepatitis; hives; hoarseness; inability to sleep; indigestion; inflammation of mouth and tongue; inflammation of the pancreas; itching; joint pain; kidney failure; loss of appetite; loss of coordination; loss of hair; low blood pressure; nervousness; rapid heartbeat; restlessness; ringing in ears; runny nose; sensitivity to light; shortness of breath; sleepiness; sore throat; stroke; tearing; urinary tract infections; vomiting; yellow eyes and skin.


Inform your doctor before combining Vaseretic with:

barbiturates; certain other antihypertensives; corticosteroids such as prednisone; digitalis (Lanoxin); insulin; lithium; narcotic painkillers; nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory medications such as Naprosyn and Motrin; norepinephrine; oral antidiabetic medications such as Micronase; potassium supplements; potassium-containing salt substitutes; potassium-sparing diuretics such as Midamor.

Do not drink alcohol while taking Vaseretic.

Special Cautions

May cause birth defects, premature birth, or death to newborns. If pregnant or planning to become pregnant, inform your doctor immediately. Appears in breast milk; could affect a nursing infant.

No special precautions apply to seniors.

Not generally prescribed for children.

  • Should not take if you have history of angioedema (swelling of face, extremities, and throat) or inability to urinate. If swelling of these areas or of the eyes, lips, or tongue occurs, immediately seek medical help; may be an emergency situation.
  • May cause drowsiness and impair your ability to drive a car or operate machinery. Do not take part in any activity that requires alertness.
  • Avoid if sensitive to or allergic to this or similar medications or other sulfa medications.
  • Inform your doctor immediately if you experience chest pain, sore throat, or fever.
  • Doctor will monitor kidney function during Vaseretic therapy.
  • Use with caution if you have liver disease or lupus erythematosus, and congestive heart failure — which may cause low blood pressure.
  • Excessive fluid loss may cause low blood pressure. Excessive sweating, dehydration, severe diarrhea, or vomiting may cause fluid loss.
  • Avoid excessive sunlight.
  • If you have diabetes, your doctor will monitor your blood sugar levels.

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