Fitness – A Happier Life

If you want to increase your energy, reduce your stress and healthcare costs and have a more pleasurable life. you can. A basic exercise program can take as little as three hours a week and give you these benefits:

  •   stronger heart and lungs
  •   decreased risk of osteoporosis
  •   decreased risk of developing cancer improved blood pressure reduced risk of stroke reduced depression improved sleep stress relief weight loss improved memory


Adopting an exercise routine is one of the best things you can do for yourself and for your loved ones. Set aside 30 minutes, three to four times each week, for new activities or for ones you already enjoy.

Bicycle or walk with your spouse or friend. Swim or take a water or low-impact aerobics class at your senior center, local YMCA or health club. Play tennis or racquetball with a buddy. Dancing can also provide you with a fun way to Ret aerobic exercise.


Before beginning any exercise routine, talk to your doctor. When you begin exercising, start gradually and slowly build up your endurance and stamina. Be sure to stretch before and after you exercise. And make sure you use the proper clothing and equipment for the activity.

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