Be Safe at Home


  • Have deadbolts and other secure locks that are easy for you to operate installed on all your doors and windowsOLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA
  • If you lose your keys, re-key your locks.
  • Don’t attach an ID tag to your key ring.
  • Close your curtains and blinds at night.
  • Turn your porch light on at night.
  • Have motion-sensing lights installed around your house.
  • Keep trees and shrubs around your house well-manicured.
  • Before answering your door, look through the peep hole or a window.
  • Ask the visitor to identify himself or herself before you unlock the door. If the visitor is someone you were not expecting (such as a repair person or utility worker), ask for proper identification, keeping the door locked. If you still feel uneasy, call the company they represent to make sure they’re legitimate.
  • Mark valuable property by engraving it with your driver’s license or state identification number.
  • Take a home inventory. Record a description of your valuable items, along with serial numbers and make and model information. Keep this list and photographs of each item in a safe deposit box.
  • Never give information to strangers over the telephone, especially your credit card and Social Security numbers.
  • Have your Social Security and pension checks deposited directly into your bank.


  • Leave lights on inside and outside your house.
  • Leave on a radio or television.
  • Lock all the doors and windows.
  • Have someone watch your house and bring in your newspapers and mail when you’re away on vacation.
  • Choose a safe, well-lit course to your destination.
  • On buses, hold onto your packages, sit in the front near the driver and ask the driver, not other passengers, for directions.
  • On subways and trains, wait near the ticket booth until boarding.
  • Enter a car that already has several people in it.
  • Keep your wallet in an inside pocket or on a chain attached to your belt. Avoid using a purse.
  • If you must carry a purse, avoid using one with a shoulder strap. If it’s snatched, you may be thrown to the ground and injured.
  • Avoid carrying large amounts of cash.
  • When you arrive home, have your house key out and ready to use. If you’re dropped off by someone, have them wait until you’re inside your house.
  • In your car, keep your doors and windows closed and locked.
  • When you approach your car, have your keys in hand and look into the back seat before you get in.
  • If you’re assaulted or feel you’re in danger, yell for help. If you’re in your car, honk the horn and flash your lights.
  • Hide valuables out of sight.
  • Never respond to harassment at intersections; drive away. If you’re followed, drive to the nearest police station.
  • Never pick up hitchhikers.
    If your car breaks down, raise the hood and stay inside. Keep the doors locked. If strangers stop to help you, ask them to alert the nearest police or service station.


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