How Do You Select Your Doctor?

Choosing a doctor who will be there for you in your elder years is an important undertaking. Use the tips below to find the best doctor for you.

  • Ask around for a recommendation
  • Talk to your friends and relatives
  • Contact your county medical society, a local agency on aging, referral service, medical schools university medical centers to find potential doctor.

Find out where the doctor received his or her medical training and whether he or she is board certified. Make a get-acquainted appointment and be sure to ask questions. After you visit with the doctor, take time to ask yourself the following questions:

  • Is the doctor willing to take the time to explain things in a language you can understand?
  • Are you comfortable with this person?
  • Did the doctor ask for a thorough medical history, including past physical and emotional problems, drugs you are taking and other matters that might affect your health?
  • Is the doctor available to answer questions over the telephone?
  • Does the doctor make house calls?
  • Does the doctor have another doctor cover for him or her when he or she is away?
  • Will the doctor honor living wills, durable powers of attorney for health care and other advance directives?
  • Will the doctor still work with you if you move to a nursing home?
  • Is the doctor receptive about involving your family in care decisions?
  • Will the doctor and the hospital he or she is affiliated with accept your health insurance plan?


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