10 Tips for Time Management

  1. Make a list, prioritize and check things off as you get them done.
  2. Review your list from time to time. Is everything on that list necessary?
  3. Ask yourself, “What’s the best use of my time right now?” Then do it!
  4. Be willing to sacrifice “perfection” to get things done.
  5. Learn to say “no” to demands that don’t benefit you.
  6. Arrange your work time to keep interruptions to a minimum.
  7. Be realistic about what you can accomplish during a given period.
  8. When is your energy at its peak? Plan your work for those times and use your less energetic times for leisure or a nap.
  9. Whenever possible, delegate!
  10. Don’t waste time on minor decisions.
  • Not all time management tips work for all people.
  • Which tips from this list have you found helpful in the past?
  • Which ones are you willing to use today to help you manage your time?
  • Do you have any of your own time management secrets to add to the list?

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