Major work and life changes are common: promotions, relocations, divorce, parenthood and numerous other events. Whether these changes are welcome or unwelcome, all call be extremely stressful unless we learn how to adjust to them. Taking the time to recover, refocus and regenerate following life changes can help us survive and even thrive.


After a life change, you need to regain your sense of balance and routine. Your situation may be, at least for now, stressful, challenging or unfamiliar. You may have symptoms such as headaches, backaches or depression To begin your recovery, it will help to step back from your new situation. Plan a weekend getaway, or take time just for yourself. Mini- breaks like going to the movies can help you get distance and perspective. Exercise and sharing your feelings with others are excellent stress reducers which can help you get hack on track.


If you are able to look at “the big picture,” you’ll gain greater peace of mind about the change. Take time to think about what has happened, why and what it might mean. You might realize that your feelings are mixed. For example, if you’ve been promoted, you might be pleased with the higher salary, but uncomfortable about supervising your friends. You may feel sad or angry about having to let go of familiar people and routines. With time, those feelings will change. Talking to trusted friends, family members, a counselor or human resource professional may speed the process.


All change is stressful for your body and your body needs time to heal. Get extra rest, avoid alcohol and cigarettes, and eat properly. Try to increase your circle of support- connect with new people or reinforce old friendships.

No one can escape change. Accepting the fact that change has taken place is important. When you take steps to recover, refocus and regenerate, you will find acceptance easier.

These steps will help you successfully make the change part of your life.

Regenerate – Connect with new people or reinforce old friendships
Refocus – Talking with trusted friends call help you refocus.
Recover – Plan a weekend getaway, or take time just for yourself.

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