Is Your Family Stressed Out?

Take this quiz to help you evaluate your family’s stress level.

Score 0 if the statement is never true for your family, 1 if it’s rarely true, 2 if it’s sometimes true, and 3 if it’s always true.

  1-Rarely True

2-Sometimes True

3- Always True


1       We often talk about our feelings.
2       It seems like we argue a lot.
3       I know what’s important to my kids.
4       (For couples) Sometimes marriage is disappointing.
5       (For single parents) The kids like my choice of dates.
6       The kids get upset that we argue.
7       We have enough money for the important things.
8       We have conflicts about how much to spend and on what.
9       Work is important, but family is our top priority.
10       We don’t listen enough.
11       (For couples) our relationship is strong.
12       (For single parents) My kids are upset when I date.
13       (For couples)  We both feel good about our roles as parents.
14       It seems as if someone’s always mad at someone else.
15       (For single parents) The kids like my choice of dates.
16       Too much work is getting to me.
17       Tension in our house is rare.
18       (For single parents) Being single has been very hard for me.
19       The kids are doing well in school.
20       There’s never enough time.
21       Everyone in the family has a job, and does it without being nagged.
22       (For couples) We argue about who should do what with the kids.
23       We eat together every day.
24       It’s impossible to get the kids to do anything around here.
25       Vacations together turn out well.
26       I’ve been called in to school to discuss my child’s behavior.

Total Odd Score: ______

Total Even Score: ______

To score: Total your scores for odd-numbered questions and even-numbered questions separately. Your goal is to have a high odd score and a low even score. Both are positive signs of your family’s stress skills.

What Your Scores Mean
For scores of 33 and above (odd) or 17 and less (even): Congratulations! Your family has good skills and attitudes which help you handle life’s stresses. This makes your home life rich and satisfying.

25-32 (odd) or 18-24 (even): You have a strong start. Try practicing your good skills and positive attitudes more, to create even more harmony at home.

18-24 (odd) or 25-32 (even): You’re probably under many stresses. Look carefully at these questions and think about ways to improve your score. Remember: it’s not a sign of weakness to ask for help.

17 and less (odd) or 33 and above (even): Taking action now is very important for your family’s health and happiness. Reach out to friends, family or professional help for a great boost when times are tough.

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