Handling the Stress of a New Job

In many cases, landing a new job is a cause for celebration. But even the best career move produces feelings of stress and anxiety as you cope with an environment where everyone but you knows what is going on. In a short period of time you must learn the physical layout, work routines and procedures of a whole new organization. You must decode the expectations, work styles and personalities of your bosses and coworkers. And you must form a whole new social network to replace the one you left behind.

Here are some strategies for smoothing the process:

Cut Yourself Some Slack

While you may feel stupid for forgetting where the mail room is or having to be reminded of procedural details several times, no one else expects you to perform perfectly the first weeks on the job. Give yourself time to learn the ropes. Meanwhile, be systematic about studying the new territory, walking yourself through your new workplace and job routine to get a clear mental picture of the layout.

Build a Network

Workplace relationships are like a second family to many workers. Most people find working among strangers stressful and threatening.

Though you may be mourning the loss of your old workplace friendships, avoid making the mistake of spending large amounts of your free time with former coworkers. Instead, take every opportunity to build relationships in your new company. Socialize during lunch and breaks, at least for the first few weeks, even if you prefer to eat alone. Try to make a wide variety of acquaintances.

Make Yourself At Home

As soon as possible, move the favorite pictures, plants and other items from your old workplace to the new. Use as many of your former work methods as can be transferred to your new job. The more at home you in your new job, the better you will perform and the sooner you will overcome the stress of changing jobs.

Give It Your AII

Finally, whatever your private feelings about your career change, give 100 percent of yourself to your new job. Even if you didn’t want the change, let go of your anger and resentment. It will only hurt you in the long run. No matter what your prospects are here, you will improve them by doing your best. And your anxiety will soon give way to a new sense of purpose and commitment.

Take every opportunity to build relationships in your new company.

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