Money Can Boost Stress

Help Is Available

If your expenses seem hopelessly out of balance with your income, get outside help. one of the most useful resources available to people facing financial trouble is Consumer Credit Counseling Services, a national nonprofit organization that provides free or low-cost advice to people who want to improve their financial situation. You can usually find the location and phone number of a local branch of this organization in the phone book. Your bank, credit union or employee assistance program at your company may also be able to provide financial counseling.

You can also try community service organizations such as family service agencies and religious service agencies. They may be able to refer you to financial counseling that is free or low in cost. Check the community service pages of your phone book.

Take Action to Reduce Stress

Taking action toward getting in control of your finances can provide enormous relief all by itself. other ways to get in control of stress are to learn and practice proven stress reduction practices such as deep breathing, meditation, eating a healthy diet and exercising regularly. Regardless of the seriousness of your financial problems, you will be in better shape to deal with them if you are in good mental and physical condition.

It’s hard to feel in control of your life when you have money worries, and that leads to increased stress in any situation. The key to decreasing money related stress is to take steps to get in charge of your finances.

Know Your Financial Picture

For starters, make a list of your basic monthly expenses, including food, utilities, house payments, insurance, car expenses, clothing, taxes, debt payment and entertainment. Balance this against your income. Now you have some hard figures about the gap between what you have and what you need. Sometimes money problems can be averted just by setting a realistic budget and sticking to it. You’ll certainly be in more control of your finances than someone who knows only that more money goes out than comes in.

To understand your financial picture, make a list of your basic monthly expenses and balance this against your income.

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