Avoiding Weight Ups & Downs

“LOSING WEIGHT IS EASY. I’VE DONE IT MANY TIMES — and gained it back just as many times.”If this is your story in a nutshell, wouldn’t you like to trade your “diet” for a permanent solution to your weight-loss woes?

Beyond Dieting

Let’s start by getting rid of the word “diet.” A diet is a program of self denial you follow until you’ve gotten rid of the right number of pounds to get you into the dress you bought for that big event coming up. Let’s talk about weight management as a lifetime commitment. A commitment to changing your food habits so that the foods that you love are the same foods that are good for you. Your meals are balanced, varied and enjoyable. And because you choose foods that are nutritious most of the time you don’t feel guilty about the occasional brownie or piece of lasagna.

Seeing the Big Picture

When you see the big picture, you don’t worry constantly about food that you can and can’t eat, and how soon you will get the last pound off. Unlike people on a diet, you aren’t in constant fear of losing control. You expect to lose weight slowly, gently and permanently, so you don’t weigh yourself every day — once a week is plenty.

Exercise Is Your Ally

Sensible weight management means taking care of your body — not starving it. One way to make yourself look and feel better is to make regular exercise a part of your life. Not just to trim a few inches off your thighs, but to improve the quality of your life. Exercise will increase your energy and put a healthy glow in your cheeks. As you exercise, you will increase muscle and that alone will burn many more calories. In addition, exercise revs up your metabolism to burn more calories even when you’re at rest. And whether you lose weight or not, you will look trimmer as you replace bulky fat tissue with denser, sleeker muscle tissue.

A Matter of Attitude

Successful weight management is as much a matter of attitude as of strategy. You need to love and accept yourself and praise yourself for your progress. Be forgiving when progress does not occur. Do you gain weight during the holidays? So does everybody else. Just make a few adjustments and keep your eyes on the big picture. Make sure your ideal weight is a realistic one and consult your doctor before undertaking big changes in your eating and exercise habits.

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