Curbing Your Sweet Tooth

Few of us can resist the temptations of sweet food. Sweets go hand in hand with parties, celebrations and rewards for good behavior. One way to curb a sweet tooth is to find nutritious alternatives to high-calorie sweets.

Here are some snacks that cater to the craving for sweets without adding too much sugar and fat:

  • · favorite fresh fruits kept handy in a fruit basket;
  • · a carton of low-fat yogurt flavored with some low-calorie strawberry jam, a dash of cinnamon and grated lemon rind;
  • · chunks of frozen fruit, such as bananas, cherries and berries;
  • · fruit juice, or a combination of fruit juice and soda water on the rocks;
  • · instant ice milk, made by blending one cup low fat milk, two cups frozen fruit and sugar, if desired.

If you find yourself simply unable to resist a dessert, try limiting the serving size so as not to give yourself an excuse to binge later on. Another way to respond to a sweet tooth is to reward yourself, but not with food. Everyone has a list of favorite “feel good” activities.

They could include:

  •  listening to a favorite piece of;
  •  calling a good friend for a chat;
  •  stretching out for 10 minutes in the hammock;
  •  taking a quick facial or other beauty treatment;
  •  taking a walk or other exercise.

You can probably think of others that are perfect for you. Pick one of these activities the next time your sweet tooth gets out of control. To make your job easier, rid your house of high-calorie sweets. Stay away from activities and places that tempt you to eat sweets.

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