Fat Gram Chart

Have you noticed the new food labels on practically all packaged foods? They tell you what percentage of your daily nutrients a serving of the food gives you. They also show a chart that includes, among other nutrients, the number of grams of fat your daily diet should contain. The trouble is, the chart on most food labels only applies if your daily food intake is 2,000 calories and your desired percentage of fat calories is 30 percent. Those on weight-loss programs might want to choose a lower number of calories or a lower percentage of fat.

Using the Chart Use the chart here to find your daily ration of fat based on your daily calorie intake and desired percentage of calories from fat. For instance, suppose your daily diet allows 1,600 calories and you want to restrict your dietary fat to 20 percent of your calories. Find 1,600 calories in the left-hand row. Then read across the three double columns labeled “Daily Calories from Fat” and look under “20 percent.” The column shows that you can have 320 calories of fat-36 grams-per day.

Calories Grams Calories Grams Calories Grams
2000 200 22 400 44 600 67
1800 180 20 360 40 540 60
1600 160 18 320 36 480 53
1400 140 16 280 31 420 47
1200 120 13 240 27 360 40
1000 100 11 200 22 300 33

Many nutritionists recommend reducing the percentage of fat in your diet rather than severely restricting your calories. Before beginning a weight-loss program, discuss your plans with your doctor or a registered dietitian.

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