If you’re counting calories, chances are nothing makes you hungrier than trying to make those 1200 calories last all day. And you know you’ll still be hungry when the calories are all used up. Isn’t there any other way to lose weight?

A Better Way

Thanks to recent research, that question can now be answered with a resounding “Yes!” A group of women participated in a study in which half of them were asked to maintain a low-calorie diet. The other half were instructed to eat as many calories as they wanted, so long as they gradually lowered their fat intake to just 20 grams a day. At the end of six months both groups had lost the same amount of weight. But the low-fat group was happier, more satisfied with their diets and more energetic. Six months after the study ended, the low-fat group had kept 50 percent of their weight loss, while the calorie-counting group had only kept 20 percent.

Get the Low-Fat Habit

Lowering your daily fat intake to 20 grams is not a snap. But people tend to get used to eating less fat and eventually find their fat needs satisfied with less, while no one ever gets used to counting calories or having to stop eating when they’re still hungry. Besides, learning to prepare delicious low-fat foods is a lifelong skill that will serve you well. Combine fat reduction with a reasonable exercise program and you have a recipe for good health.

Know your Fat

To keep track of your fat intake, check the food labels now available on most packaged foods. Learn to prepare foods without butter, mayonnaise, oil and cream sauces. Emphasize large helpings of appetite satisfying breads, grains and pastas with tomato and other vegetable sauces, with meats used sparingly as a garnish rather than the main course.

Get a Checkup First

Check with your doctor before beginning any weight loss program. If you get the go-ahead, ask your doctor or a dietitian to recommend a couple of the many well written low-fat cookbooks now available.

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